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The Airline & Logistics Blockchain Project

Bastonet is re-innovating the the way business
is being done in the Airline and Logistics Industry.


Blockchain Technology

for the aviation and logistics Industry.

Making use of the Blockchain Technology, Bastonet is introducing a better and efficient way of doing business both for the users and operators in the Industry.


Bastonet And The Blockchain Technology

The Blockchain technology has brought so many innovations and opportunities with its decentralized and distributed confirmation infrastructure and algorithm. It uses flexible cryptographic protocol which enables the production of shared public ledger that allows various computer nodes to perform reconciliation block mining operation that are consistent, irrefutable and mutally acceptable by all stakeholders.

BASTONET PROJECT seeks to engineer the use of Blockchain in the airline and travel industry. It will ensure that the airlines industry operates at optimal efficiency, cutting out data redundancy down time, and enhancing overall experience for all stakeholders at the level of consumate excellence USING REAL TIME ENCRYPTED information transfer.


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The Aviation Industry

Bastonet Represents new and efficient way of doing business in the Aviation Industry.

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The Blockchain Tech.

Putting The Powerfull Blockchain Technology to use.

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Logistics Industry

A great benefits for both the operators and users of the Logistics Industry

The State of the Airline Industry

In transfering data across the value chain which includes travel agencies, airlines, tours and travel operators, hotels, online travels platforms, airport and changeover terminals, travels card providers, immigration, government, car rental agencies and more, a lot of data changes hands and the sanctity of this data determine the success of the industry as a whole. The need for data integrity means that anything can go wrong, from safety and mishap to loss of revenue by airlnes. Also issues with passenger and crew management can jeopardize the operational value chain when the data trasfer process is compromised in any way. Smooth data exchange is of the essence

The Bastonet Token, BSN

There shall be a total of only 5,000,000,000 Bastonet, BSN token after swap in operation powering and fueling operations in the Bastonet protocol network application.

This will trade in major cryptocurrency exchanges. The BSN token is based on the Etheruem network, and it will be utilized in the Bastonet Application in booking and ticketing processes of airlines, and in transfer of data and value within the network in association with other airline services like air cargo movement, crew management, passenger data transfer and aircraft maintenance scheduling, loyalty programmes etc.

Use Cases of the Bastonet Platform

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Identity Management

Using secured public ledger information in addition to biometrics, the Bastonet application will enable validation of people’s identity on the Blockchain. With this, it becomes impossible to impersonate or commit forgery through fraudulent replication of other people’s identity. Blockchain technology coupled with security protocol ensures foolproof passenger and crew data management since sharing of information is executed through the use of authorized access by individuals whose imprints on the blockchain network is verifiable.

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Meaintenance/Repair/Overhaul (MRO)

Changes in an aircraft’s lifecycle, from the initial purchase to every transfer of ownership or lease and maintenance event will be tracked on the Bastonet Application — providing an irrefutable record of service. Using Blockchain technology, Bastonet will transform maintenance from paper binders and complicated databases into verifiable information and help the industry ensure that parts procured are legitimate and can offer a reserve immutable record of all procurement of spare parts on the plane, every time it goes through maintenance schedule. Such records will validate time and location of repairs and provide information on such entities involved in the maintenance work.

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The Bastonet Application will use the blockchain to tokenize ticket and e-ticket and further dematerialized these tickets for irrefutable sharing of information across various touch point of travel. Through the use of smart contracts associated with the tokenized tickets, airlines will be able to determine the various preferences of usage, terms and conditions of transfer and sale by anyone across the value chain, and in real time, from any location in the world in a secure, fast and efficient structure.

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Loyality and Air Miles Reward Programme

Air miles as a currency shall be replaced by the BSN token. Instead of ‘earning’ miles, the Bastonet platform will allow customers to buy them using the Baston Tokens, BSN in the same way they can exchange currency today, or could earn them outside of flying alone if they select to be paid in air miles denominated in BSN tokens for services. In traditional loyalty point’s schemes, travelers often have a long waiting time before they can use their points, with limitation on spending avenues. By tokenizing loyalty points on the blockchain using the BSN tokens, travelers can get instant value by redeeming them on the spot. They can also use them more broadly through a specific user community of partners since these tokens will be traded on exchanges. The BSN tokens will be used in paying for goods and services in a secured and fast way.

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Other Use Cases

  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM)
  • Airline Ancillary Revenue Generation
  • Management of In-Flight Entertainment
  • Fast Insurance and Compensation Management
  • Flight Planning
  • Chattering Services
  • Luggage Handling and Control
  • Cargo and Custom Clearing etc.

Bastonet means a new and efficient way of doing business in the Aviation & Logistics Industry.

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